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Thanks for donating to Mygod Studio™, the poor indie developers in a fourth tier city, the underdeveloped area in an eastern province in China! Thou shalt be rewarded with:

Your donation will be used for any purpose including but not limited to...

  • To fight against terrorists and safeguard world peace;
  • To confiscate nuclear weapons for destroying near-Earth asteroids;
  • To solve the energy crisis with renewable energy;
  • To develop a vaccine against HIV, eradicate ischemic heart disease, respiratory infections and cancer;
  • To reverse global warming, combat ocean acidification and fix ozone depletion;
  • To save endangered species and resurrect extinct species to reconstruct biodiversity;
  • To eliminate the hazards of genetically modified food to solve world hunger;
  • To discover habitable exoplanets and manufacture huge spacecrafts;
  • To support for democracy, human rights and gay marriage;
  • To stop the zombie apocalypse, alien invasions and/or AI takeover, or that apocalypse with alien AI that looks kind of like zombies;
  • ...
  • Or just to stop Agent Smith from destroying the Matrix again and offer all humans the opportunity to leave the Matrix;
  • ...
  • Or just to stop you from going back in time and killing your grandparents;
  • ...
  • Or just to support our efforts to advance free open-source projects;
  • ...
  • Or just to support our efforts to advance free open-source projects indirectly;
  • By indirectly, I mean we will probably use the money to buy a cup of coffee, etc.

Top donors

Just like this website, we are no longer maintaining this list. But we do appreciate everyone's donations!

If you just plan to hold onto your wallet and browse this site casually, don't worry, it's fine.


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