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Tools & 3rd Party Libraries

PHP, ext-gettext, ext-mbstring, PhpStorm, Notepad++, Axialis IconWorkshop, Visual Studio 2013 Used for generating colors and other kind of bizarre work like that

Special Thanks

  • Ha!
  • People's great artist, a good friend of the party's, the only one person that's worth thanking, the gifting maniac Good Good; Hey cop! That's the guy that increased the number of my fans by 1!
  • People's great leader, the only second person that's worth thanking Tease Tease, yeah;
  • “Crap and me really” She Head;
  • “Crap... crap!” Circuit master, the good little sister Squidward Tentacles and his SpongeBob SquarePants;
  • Comrade Festival Fuck is a good person. (wait, what?)
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01/17/2015: Mygod went to the world!
02/12/2016: Donation is now available on the site. And we had received our very first donation.
10/02/2016: New domain becomes active, the former will gradually become history.

Changelog for this site

4.6.15: (08/15/2016)

  • Update to Firebase 3.0;
  • Auto redirect HTTPS.
Changelog for previous versions

4.8.13: (02/12/2016)

  • Donation is now available;
  • Using semantic versioning.

V4.5.96.8: (11/09/2015)

  • Add support for checking connection availability on Android;
  • Add RSS for blog;
  • A related easter egg.

V4.5.95.3: (07/27/2015)

  • Reduced the time when you load the page for the first time;
  • Ivory Tower launched internationally!

V4.4.93.5: (07/19/2015)

  • Enhancements for the terminal;
  • Add support for caching web pages that you've visited.

V4.3.92.12: (07/17/2015)

  • Official release of Global Online Kill Monster Leaderboard™!
  • Reduced the loading time. A lot!

V4.2.91.6: (07/14/2015)

  • Global Online Kill Monster Leaderboard™ beta;
  • More redesigning stuff.

V4.2.90.4: (07/13/2015)

  • Redesign the whole site.

V4.1.89.18: (03/07/2015)

  • Refine date format;
  • Removed some unnecessary stuff in some of the product download pages.

V4.1.88.8: (02/22/2015)

  • Add download link for HashCalc for Windows users to do a checksum for their files.

V4.1.87.7: (02/20/2015)

  • Bump version number for globalization;
  • Remove white background for image overlays;
  • Bugfix for non-Chrome users who can't load comments;
  • SEO.

V4.0.86.19: (01/18/2015)

  • Globalization.