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Selling all kinds of funny stuff.
Ivory Tower
My brand new unmaintained blog. ;_;
About Mygod
Things that no one cares, like the current version number of this site which is V4.6.15.

Online tools

Research has scientifically failed in proving that online tools are 200% safer than normal products.
Visualization: Piano
Sing at your device and see what note have you got. (warning: super buggy)
Draw curves with dots.
$ echo The terminal only a real man would love. Pretty useless at the moment.
Paper Crasher
Our client research services has pointed out that many people are worried about whether they can tear up a piece of paper, so we created Paper Crasher to crash hard pieces of paper for you! Requires suitable hardware.
Mygod Monsters Killer™
Slay monsters, yay!
System-defined colors encyclopedia
You will find all system-defined colors defined in System.Drawing.Color. If you have no idea what it is, you probably won't need it anyway.
Hi MOM! Now with HTML5!
Browser Downloader
Use it to download things with your browser.

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What kind of comments can I leave?

  • Join other people's heated discussions!
  • Complain how terrible the new design is.
  • Provide some cool ideas! (and that's how Harmonizer was born)
  • I don't know, how about some random compliments?